Pink Hocus Pocus Movie Night

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What better time to have a themed movie night with the family than during a pandemic. Theme parks were a huge part of our weekly activities and sadly they are still closed to us here in California. But that doesn’t mean we can’t make our magic at home. We just have to be a little more creative. So that’s exactly what we did.

What started as just watching one of our favorite Disney Halloween movies, Hocus Pocus, turned into a day of fun and memory making with the kids.

Together with the kids, we made simple foods that we could easily enjoy while watching the movie. The girls loved helping in the kitchen because I honestly don’t let them help very often. I like to take control and do it all myself to hurry and get it done because the life of a stay-at-home parent is always busy, but this time I wanted to make it special for them.

Here is a look into our little movie night. We made:

  • Billy chocolate pretzels
  • Witch hat pepperoni calzones
  • Turkey and provolone sand-WITCHES
  • Spell book brownies
  • Spell binding popcorn mix
  • Magical pink potion sparkling juice
  • Pink cotton candy because why not
  • And all the fun pink decorations because we love pink in this house

How to make Billy Pretzels.

Calzone recipe here.

Hocus Pocus spell book brownies recipe here.

How to make turkey and provolone sliders .

I used edible glitter dust mixed with our juice to make this amazing pink potion drink. Pictures do not do it justice! It was absolutely hypnotizing and the girls now want glitter in all their drinks. I didn’t take a good picture of when we were mixing them because we were having so much fun making these drinks. But you can check my Instagram for the tutorial on how to make this drink.

Hope you enjoyed this little peek into our fun movie night. I can’t wait to have more.

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