December Kindergarten & Preschool Learning Quick Reference Guide

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Ok, so no surprise the first few days of December got away from me. I procrastinated and pushed making my December learning guides back and now here we are 3 days into the month. We went camping for a few days right after thanksgiving and I’ve been playing catch up since.

Without further ado, I have the guides below for free download as always.

The preschool guide I use with Olivia remained the same, aside from the December themed colors and graphics.

My kindergarten guide I use for Brooke has a different math concept that we are currently working on (more than, less than, equal to). If you child isn’t learning this math concept yet, this section works as a great introduction.

As a refresher, we use our guides for any quick reference the girls may need while doing school work with me. These guides can be used for morning work with your child or hung in your learning area for your child to use as needed. Laminating or putting these sheets in a page protector is always a great idea so you may use them continuously throughout the month. I slip ours into the front covers of our binders that we use for school work.

I great way to use the guides for morning work is:

  • going over the day of the week
  • practicing counting numbers
  • repeat and point to the letters of the alphabet

For more of a challenge have your child:

  • repeat the sound of each letter
  • say both long and short sounds for vowels (green letters)
  • try skip counting (green numbers)

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