Halloween Countdown Chain

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Fall is here and Halloween is only 34 days away. I honestly can’t believe how fast this year has gone bye. This past week, I’ve been busy making the girls Halloween costumes for our trip to Disneyland to enjoy Oogie Boggie’s Bash. It’s a tradition we go every year. Obviously we didn’t attend last year because of the covid shutdowns, so we’re definitely savoring this years event.

Making costumes for the girls is one of my favorite crafts but it’s also so stressful. I am not the best seamstress and I often get so frustrated so taking a break is often needed. Now I don’t know how to just relax during the day. So what I decided to do was create a new craft for the Halloween season. Because that’s exactly what my mind needed to relax, right?

I remember as a kid I would make fun countdown chains out of craft paper in the classroom. The kids have yet to make one, so I figured why not? Is so simple and inexpensive to make. And it was such a hit!

All you need is:

  • White card stock to print the design, or different colored construction paper if you don’t have a printer handy.
  • Scissors (I used my craft trim cutter)
  • Stapler or glue

You can download the countdown design that I create right here for free.

Then simply print it out. I found it best to print on 65lb weight card stock compared to basic printer paper. But you can also easily just cut different strips of construction paper and write your countdown days by hand if you don’t have a printer handy.

Once your strips are all cut, it’s time to start creating the links. Simply bring both ends of the paper together to make a circle. Then staple or glue the ends together like below.

Grab your next strip in your countdown and loop it through your first link. Connect the ends and continue this process until all links are completed. Easy, peasy!

I love that this craft is so versatile and can easily be adjusted for other holidays or countdowns for special events.

1 comments on “Halloween Countdown Chain”

  1. What a great idea, I remember When I was a kid we used to make those but it was mostly at Christmas this fall idea is so cute.


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