November Kindergarten Quick Reference

November Kindergarten & Pre-K Quick Reference Guide

Fee Quick reference download for kindergarten and pre-K

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Happy November!

We are in the middle of the holiday season! This year has seriously flown by so fast. As I’ve said before, I love fall and I’m so happy we are in the thick of it. I love the cooler weather and early nights. Most of all, Thanksgiving.

November is a time of keeping in touch with family and keeping ourselves grounded with what we are thankful for.

Everyday, my girls and I discuss what we are thankful for and give a few examples of how to show our gratitude. A way of showing my gratitude to everyone who downloaded my October quick reference learning guide, I am sharing my November guide for you to download below.

This month I have 2 separate guides that we are using. Brooke is advancing in her learning so her guide is changing to what what we are learning this month. My November kindergarten guide for her includes, 3D shapes, and a number chart from 0-100 with references to counting by 5’s and 10’s. The pre-K guide I’m using for Olivia has 6 basic 2D shapes, and the same number chart we used in October, numbers 0-50 with reference to counting by 10’s.

I have a daily 3 ring binder that we use for our homeschool, and I print and slip these pages into the front of each girls binder. You can do the same or simply print and use at your own preference. One fun way of using the guide is laminating the page and having your child review the material daily. Or hang it by your at home learning station for your child to use as needed when doing work. There is no single way of using these guides and that the beauty of it!

Click the download button below each picture to save and print these freebies for yourself!

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