Rachel’s First Foods

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I was sponsored and paid to promote Beech-Nut® Naturals on my other social channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter). However this post is not sponsored. All views, text, images and opinions below are that of my own.

The time has come for my baby girl to start her first foods and I am so excited. This was always one of my favorite milestones for my other two girls. The faces that a child makes while tasting their first solid foods are priceless.

I like to introduce foods in this order:

  • First, green colored veggies
  • Second, orange colored veggies
  • Third, white fruits
  • Fourth, red and blue fruits

Why? Well experts say that if you wait to introduce sweeter foods last, your child is more likely to have an expanded palate as they get older. Now, even though I introduced foods this way for both Brooke and Olivia, they both have different tastes in food. Brooke loves her veggies over fruit. Olivia, wants nothing to do with veggies and sometimes even fruit. In all honesty she would live off french fries and hot-dogs if I allowed her to. With all of that said, I still plan on introducing Rachel to foods in the same order. It makes me feel like I’m winning as a parent getting my kids to eat their vegetables.

I partnered with Beech-Nut® Naturals for Rachel first foods. Beech-Nut® Naturals is baby food made with real ingredients, gently cooked over indirect heat to preserve color, flavor, and nutrients. By real ingredients, we are talking– natural fruits & veggies, never anything artificial. All of Beech-Nut® Naturals and Organics are Non-GMO Project Verified. Yes, you read that right. They offer organic baby food! I love how much care Beech-Nut® puts into their product. They conduct over 20 rigorous tests on their purees, testing for up to 255 pesticides and heavy metals (like lead, cadmium, arsenic and other nasty stuff).

After knowing all of those amazing things about this brand, we set off to our nearest Target in search of some delicious food for Rach.

I know I said I love this stage in my children life, but I also fear it. You never know if you baby is going to be allergic to something. I fortunately am not and neither is Joey, but you just never know. Plus I want to keep my girls little forever and this is their first step into independence. They are making the decisions of what they like and don’t like. Or how they choose to eat or not eat their food. Maybe you have an artist on your hands who would rather paint your wall pumpkin orange instead of eat altogether. So I waited a few days from our Target run to actually give her her first bites. If I can keep her “baby” for a few more days than trust in me, I am. Plus dad was out of town for work and I wanted to make sure he was home so we can both laugh her silly faces and expressions as Rachel embarked on her new adventure.

We started with greens beans which she did not want anything to do with. I tasted it, because I am that parent that tastes all of her kids foods, and I can say that the texture and flavor was pleasing. I won’t be adding it to my regular diet but it was enjoyable. In Rachel’s defense I will say that it was her first time having something other than breast milk and she wasn’t sure what to really do with food. She took more of a liking to the pumpkin and butternut squash (I prefer the butternut squash). Then she got her taste of banana and she was all for it. Who doesn’t enjoy banana?

We are still trying new flavors and she is loving every moment of it. Fingers crossed she gets her big sister’s pallet in the coming years.

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