Witch Hat Magic With Party City

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Thank you Party City for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are always that of my own.

OK, who is ready to start decorating for Halloween? Because I have teamed up with Party City to help you all add a little whimsy touch to your Halloween home decor this season. The best part is, you give your home this chic Halloween makeover for under $50.00.

Party City has so many great options and they have make it super easy, safe and affordable to bring some new spooky magic to your home. They are also offering free Same Day Delivery & curbside pick up if online shopping is your preferred choice.

Party City had dozens of awesome hanging ghost, ghouls, skeletons and bats at such great prices, it would warm any Halloween lovers heart. I wanted to get these so bad but with my girls ages, it simply just isn’t an option right now. They love the spooky fun part of Halloween at the moment and because time is such a thief, I am going to let them revel in the enchantment of what Halloween means to them for as long as I can. So I was on a mission to give them a spooktacular experience for them to enjoy all season long.

I ended up purchasing:

  • 7 witch hats (3 classic sized, 4 child sized)
  • 1 broom
  • 1 cauldron
  • 1 giant polyester spider web package
  • 1 4 count package of purple glitter spiders
  • 1 black creepy fabric cloth
  • 1 decorative black cat
  • 1 can of silver glitter hair spray

Some extra supplies you will need are:

  • 1 pair of scissors
  • fishing line or clear string
  • packing tape or command strips

The first thing I did was take my hats outside and spray them down with the silver glitter hair spray. I wanted to add extra sparkle to the hats because glitter makes everything better in our house. The 1 can was perfect and covered all of my hats. This little touch made such a difference.

While the hats were drying from the hair spray, I decorated the wall decor of the front entrance with the spider webs, spiders and black creepy cloth. I also hung the broomstick in between 2 wall accents that were already on the wall. Decorating with spider webs is one of my favorite picks when it comes to adding a spooky touch to the house. You don’t have to remove your regular home decor, just string some spider webs and you instantly spooktify the place up. It’s fast and fuss free; my kind of decorating.

The other side of the hallway has a picture that my grandpa painted along with a table with your average home decorating items that were already there. I just stretched some spider webs over this area as well, and it pulled the entire look together. I also added our little black cat in this area next to the cauldron because every witch’s house needs these two essentials.

After, I strung the hats with the fishing line I already had on hand and arranged and taped them to the ceiling with different height variations. You can use command strips to hang them but I used what I already had on.

And that was it! The girls instantly fell in love and started dancing around in the hallway. And seeing their excitement was the best Halloween win for this mama.

1 comments on “Witch Hat Magic With Party City”

  1. I love the ideas of the hanging hats, and you made it so easy so we can work on them ourselves, such an expensive cute ideas at party city your house looks adorable and your kids are even more adorable can’t wait to try this at my house


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