Saint Patrick’s Day Learning Fun.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

The girls were so stoked to get their letter from the friendly leprechaun who visited our house last night looking to find his rainbow. You can read more about that here. They were more excited at the fact that the leprechaun wrote their names in his thank you letter than they were for the chocolate coins. This experience was a total mom win in my book! If you haven’t caught a leprechaun with your kids, its definitely a great new tradition to start.

After devouring some chocolate we set out to get some fun St. Paddy’s Day decorated donuts to enjoy throughout the day as the girls worked on some schoolwork. I did put a few other healthy “green” snacks for them to pick from as well if their bellies had too much donuts for the day. For their schoolwork, I printed some fun holiday themed worksheets from my favorite stores over at and we enjoyed a fun afternoon of learning and indulging in all the yummy snacks. I loved this simple festive set up and even more importantly, the girls did as well.

While I prepping my dinner, corned beef and cabbage with veggies, I started thinking about how I could share some fun Disney themed worksheets I have with all of you.

As we all know, schools are closing for weeks due to this COVID-19 virus. Everyone is being asked to be responsible and socially distance themselves to prevent the virus from spreading more. I shared some workbooks that I bought at the Dollar Tree on my Instagram a few days ago and figured if we are being asked to pretty much stay home…how responsible would I be to tell people to head to a store to get some awesome Disney workbooks?

Well, although I’m sure I shouldn’t be doing this, I scanned the pages of the addition and subtraction workbook I have. Why did I do this? So I can share the file with you! If this is wrong of me, I don’t care because I’m sure that I could be forgiven by helping to keep families indoors during this time. Instead of being out an about when it isn’t necessary, such as getting food or medical assistance. So here is the complete workbook for you all to download for FREE and print as you choose. I had to split the file into 3 different download links because of the file size. Make sure to download all 3. I recommend holding the “Ctrl” button while clicking on the download link so the file opens in a new window. That will allow this page to stay open for you to go back to and download the other 2 files.

I may not be a leprechaun that gives you gold coins, but I think this is a great substitute considering the recent obstacles we are all facing. I hope you enjoy!

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