Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

The girls were so stoked to get their letter from the friendly leprechaun who visited our house last night looking to find his rainbow. You can read more about that here. They were more excited at the fact that the leprechaun wrote their names in his thank you letter than they were for the chocolate coins. This experience was a total mom win in my book!

After devouring some chocolate we set out to get some fun St. Paddy’s Day decorated donuts to enjoy throughout the day as the girls worked on some school work. I did put a few other healthy “green” snacks for them to pick from as well if their bellies had too much donuts for the day. I printed some fun holiday themed worksheets from my favorite stores over at Teacherspayteachers.com and we enjoyed a fun afternoon of learning and indulging in all our snacks. I loved this simple festive set up.

While I was prepping my dinner, corned beef and cabbage with veggies, the girls spent sometime working in their Disney workbooks. If you have a young kid that isn’t very keen on learning, head yo your local Dollar Store and pick up some Disney workbooks. Trust me on this one!

Well, that was our day. Hope you guys had a great day and made the best during this time in COVID-19 shutdown.

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