Goodbye summer, hello fall!

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It is officially my favorite time of the year, autumn! I love everything about fall: cooler weather, long nights, pumpkins galore and we cannot forget the comfort food.

Normally our Monday’s consists of dance and getting the house together but today I decided to mix things up a bit. I wanted to throw the girls our very own Fall Festival. With the help of our local Trader Joe’s and Target, I was able to pull it off.

Our Fall Fest consisted off:

  • Fun leaf tortilla chips (i couldn’t resist when i saw these)
  • Pumpkin tick-tack-toe
  • Fall themed card matching game
  • Pumpkin corn hole toss
  • Pumpkin themed dinner to finish off the day

We started the festivities off with some pumpkin tick-tack-toe and our card matching game. I love these games because they challenge the kids on making predictions and memory. What parent doesn’t love a game that is also educational for their kiddos?

I always start our memory card games off with a few matching cards and then add more every round. This way the kids don’t get discouraged and alway stay engaged.

The pumpkin corn hole toss was hands down their favorite game. They loved distracting each other from getting their bean bag in the pumpkin. This game is extremely easy and was the perfect toddler size for my girls.

I wanted to have our first autumn dinner tonight but with little prep since I was busy playing with the girls all day. So I made some “Pumpkin Patch Mash”. What’s pumpkin patch mash? Well, I honestly just made this up but it’s pretty much pumpkin spaghetti. I used the above items along with some Italian sausage, grated Parmesan cheese and some basic household seasonings and this was the final outcome below.

It was so delicious and the girls ate every last piece of their pumpkin patch mash and even asked for seconds.

Brooke and Olivia absolutely loved their Fall Festival. Today was a total mom win and I can’t wait to plan other fun themed day with the my girls

Let me know how you plan to celebrate this fall season.

Games & leaf banner purchased from Target. All snacks and food purchased from Trader Joe’s.

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